Sayder SDR, music and solidarity of Brazil

 Sayder SDR, brazilian singer and humanitarian activist

Carlos Souza, known artistically as “Sayder SDR,” was born in Ribeirāo Pires in the state of São Paulo Brasil, the son of Nilo and Claudia Sousa. He is a singer, composer, music producer and humanitarian activist living in São Paulo. His grew up in a family of singers and musicians in Mauá, a city in Gran ABC SP, where his uncles from São Paulo often accompanied them during bohemian nights.

Sayder began his international career in Central America, specifically in Costa Rica, singing and recording with various artists. He created musical works on the African continent, in Uruguay, Argentina and Costa Rica. The artist participated in various festivals in Brazil, being invited to actively collaborate on a musical project with the band, “Cidade Negra” and “Luiz Marcos Sertanejo Root.” He has collaborated on diverse musical works with national and international singers.


Among other songs, he recorded "Coisa Bonita" with Jaén Ríos of Venezuela and Jouse Baes of the Dominican Republic; "Live Life Dancing" with Sr. Angel of Costa Rita; “Coisa Nostra” with Antony Adans of Panamá, Angie Dynes, Elddady Zanzibar, Ozzy Prime, Africa Corea, and Dom Carter of the USA, Rappa Thiaguinho of Cidade Negra and others. With his music the Brazilian singer has opened many concerts in São Paulo.


Sayder has musical rhythm in his blood; he grew up listening to Tim Maia, Roberto Carlos, Zé Ramalho, Caetano and Gil. He studied in the school, “Djs Iraí Campos” and worked for five years in dance clubs in São Paulo. He was a member of the hip-hop group, "Irmãos de Rua," and participated as an actor in the feature-length film, "Ritmo e Poesía," produced by TV Cultura. He is proud to appear in the book, “ABC Rap,” the first Latin American book in this genre.


In 2005 he was musical director of a North American church in Brazil and recorded his first CD with Banda Sabaoth. Talent agent Marisa Claro decided to invest in his career, attracting the attention of the foreign public for his songs and attractive rhythms; the Association of Art Roots and Culture Limonense Claudio Taylor invited Sayder SDR to the province of Limón, Costa Rica to conduct five musical concerts and record with musicians from that country. Together with the Panamanian singer Black Style, who won an award in the USA for his song, “Soy Limón Soy Caribe,” he acted alongside US Americans Don Carter, Kayás Place, and Lizemon of “Di Gud Friends” in Porto Viejo, Costa Rica.

National and International Awards
Five-time-winner of the “El Nevado Solidario de Oro,” Córdoba, Argentina
Award for Latin Personality and Style, Montevideo, Uruguay
Honorary member, Art Without Borders for Peace, Neiva, Colombia
Honorific mention, Second International Peace Festival, Pitalito - Colombia 

Awards and Recognition in Brazil
Two-time winner of the “Art in Movement” award
1-Elyte Prize
Jackson do Pandeiro
Personality of the Year
He has realized diverse humanitarian projects in Brazil and Africa.

His motivational phrase is “Together we will reach the top of the mountain.”

Translation by Diane Hofner Saphiere

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