The Cultural Organization Brazil - Latin America - OCBAL delivers awards


The Brazil-Latin America Cultural Organization—OCBAL

The Brazil-Latin America Cultural Organization—OCBAL—with headquarters in the city of San Paolo, has recognized in an integral manner the artistic and humanitarian work of visual artists of several nationalities.


Meet Ana K and her new musical projects


Ana K has every reason to be EVERYTHING for everyone. She is light and sensual at the same time. She has a charming voice, a unique style and charm that effortlessly reaches your senses. She started in music at the age of ten, in one of the parades produced by her mother Rita Kühnbach, and with a very musical family, Ana K had and is referenced by many music icons ranging from Tim Maia to Rihanna.

Antonio Antolini plans a surprise for the people of NYC MANHATTAN in 2021

The Italian/braziliam writer and lawyer Antonio Antolini, author of the books “A Carta da Vitória do Espírito Santo” and “O Evangelho nada secreto de Antonio” - both still without English translation,  among others, plans to launch part of his literary work in the United States of America in 2021, if the pandemic is under control.


Naïve art by Gabriel Nieto Nieto

Gabriel Nieto Nieto, recognition for his work and artistic career as a professional painter of primitive art landscapes. In the company of the Mexican Ernesto Ríos and the Colombian Mauricio Mayorga Zamora, plastic artists.

Gabriel Nieto Nieto Colombian landscape painter specialized in Naif art. He was born on April 6, 1960, in the city of Ibagué Tolima Colombia, currently he lives and works in Neiva Huila where he actively participates in cultural events and teaches painting.


Announcing the Third Festival of Art without Borders for Peace

The Board of Directors of Art Without Borders for Peace invites you to participate in the Third International Festival of Art without Borders for Peace to open on October 14, 2020.


Maria Florencia Zambecchi

María Florencia Zambecchi 37 years old, (Neuquén, Argentina) She is a Graphic and Plastic Artistic Designer.  It has a wide style, with varied techniques, it likes experimentation.  Leaning mostly on the use of oils in his latest works.  Also acrylics and mixed materials.  She trained in the arts as a child studying the career of Prof. of Artistic Drawing and Painting (from the academy, Conté Grand Arg., With Claudia Franco and Gisela Boneti).  But then she dedicated most of her career to Graphic Design directing her own studio / workshop, as a professional and also as a professor at the University of Flores de Bs As (Comahue headquarters).  In recent years he has been focusing with greater dedication to his true passion, painting.  A participation in a small format contest, a national level located in Santa Fe, specifically leaving the jury.  On the other hand to the collective exhibitions of Neuquén Cap.  And at design and art fairs in Barcelona, ​​Spain.  He currently lives between Spain and Italy, they have their arts in those countries.

María Florencia Zambecchi 1983, Neuquén, Argentina. Diseñadora Gráfica y Artista plástica. Su obra tiene un estilo amplio, gusta de la constante experimentación donde usa técnicas variadas inclinándose principalmente por el uso de óleos en sus últimos trabajos.
Se formó en las artes de pequeña estudiando la carrera de profesor de Dibujo Artístico y Pintura (de la académia, Conté Grand Arg., con Claudia Franco y Gisela Boneti). Pero luego dedicó la mayor parte de su carrera al Diseño Gráfico dirigiendo su propio estudio/taller, como profesional y también como profesora en la Universidad de Flores de Bs As (sede Comahue). En los últimos años está enfocándose con mayor dedicación a su verdadera pasión; la pintura.
Ha participado en concurso de pequeño formato, a nivel nacional situado en Santa Fe, obteniendo mención especial del jurado. Además, ha participado en exposiciones colectivas en la ciudad de Neuquén, en diversas ferias de diseño y arte de Barcelona, España. Actualmente vive entre España e Italia, desarrollando y participando con su arte por aquellos países.

 CUBAN ART Cuban art  is an exceptionally diverse cultural blend of African, South American, European, and North American elements, reflecti...