Contemporary Spanish Art

by Carlos M. Smith

Spain has always been a reference in the art world. Great artists such as Picasso, Dalí, Tàpies or Miquel Barceló have provided the necessary contemporaneity that has been perfectly combined with tradition and classicism which are always maintained and are part of its social feeling.

This article presents or highlights the artistic career of a small group of Spanish authors who symbolize that contemporaneity.

We wanted to highlight unique artists whose work and vision of it is widely recognized as a reference of a special style and form, thus marking a before and after in the artistic exchange of which we echo.

Arroyo Ceballos (Córdoba)

Arroyo Ceballos has a artistic career supported by more than 150 exhibitions, works in more than 30 museums and institutions in 11 countries and numerous awards.

Homages received in the USA (Latino Art Museum of California), in Mexico in the Historical Archive of Sinaloa (with the delivery of an award by the Governor of Sinaloa), in Portugal in the Municipal Chamber of Oliveira do Bairro, with the Cultural Association "Aires de Córdoba" or received in 2013 in his hometown at the Hon. Diputación de Córdoba together with a large exhibition for his 25th Anniversary, etc.

In April 2013 a museum with his name was opened in Fuente Palmera (Córdoba). On March 12, 2014, he was selected for the commemorative act of the Spain-Japan dual year held in Córdoba, to deliver a work of his authorship to the Japanese Ambassador to Spain, Mr. Satoru Satoh.

In March 2015, at a meeting held in Paris, he was appointed member of the International Association of Art Critics AICA for his years of work as a member of the Spanish Association of Art Critics AECA.

In November 2016, he was awarded by the MAI Colombia (International Artistic Movement Colombia) an international recognition for his cultural and artistic management.

In December 2017 he was appointed an Honorary Member by the Board of Directors of the Fundación Arte Sin Fronteras por la Paz (Colombia) and in 2019 by the World Organization of Integrated Artists OMAI (Mexico).
Author of more than ten books on art and poetry.
In January 2018 he founded the Cordovan group “Córdoba Contemporánea”.

In September 2021 he obtained the I International Prize for Literary Creation "Antonio Segovia Lobillo", organized by the Canarian Foundation "Antonio Segovia Lobillo" (Santa Cruz de Tenerife) and the City Council of Moclinejo (Málaga).


FINCIAS (Madrid)


In his work FINCIAS pursues the desire to connect with the viewer, through a lyrical and emotional interpretation of his surroundings. Materializing the essence of the human in each of his works. All this results in a transcendent painting, endowed with an internal hubris that seeks to go beyond the mark by detaching itself from its borders and a color that acquires an enigmatic symbolic value. You just have to stop and look carefully at each of its pieces, to detect that there is a great emotional involvement.

Multidisciplinary artist, painter, illustrator, animator and designer for Advertising Agencies or Editorials. He has exhibited in numerous Art Galleries in Spain and abroad in cities such as: Paris, New York, Miami, London, Berlin, Stockholm, Rome, Brussels, Milan, Monaco, Lisbon, Porto, Osaka_Japan, Hong Kong, Singapore, Hamburg Edinburgh, Luxembourg, Montpellier, Lille, Strasbourg, Vienna, Stuttgart, Padova, Shanghai ...

His work has been acquired in public and private institutions in Spain, abroad and recently by the Museum of Contemporary Art of SHANGAI, China.

Izaskun Monfort Aurteneche

(Critica de Arte, collaborator of the Basque Museum of Contemporary Art, Art Galleries and the Museo Nacional Centro de Arte Reina Sofía in Madrid)


Eva Raboso (Valencia)


She is a Valencian artist, although She has been living in Madrid for fifteen years. She was born in 1976 and, since then, her vital engine has been curiosity.

Being self-taught, She has always been interested in creation: telling stories, surprising, investigating, dreaming and communicating.

In the last years, She has dedicated herself to experiment, and from there, URBAN VERTICAL, a new way of observing a painting. With this project She has achieved a 3D effect that is perceived through any optics, viewfinder or lens of any camera or mobile device.

She is also investigating in spaces, color and volumes and why not? with sculptures in metal, IRON / SCULPTURE, urban and moving.

She has  participated in numerous projects and exhibitions at a national and international level such as "The Venice Biennial 2015/2017" within the project "The Fall of the Rebel Angels" and the "Empire II" curated by Vanya Balogh. Recently I have won the prize “Premio Diputación Provincial de pintura Ciudad Real 2018. XXII  certamen internacional de pintura de Alcazar de san Juan.”, and exhibitions in Paris, Berlín, Madrid, Croatia, Córdoba, Sevilla, etc.

ART-TECHNOLOGY- Urban Vertical is a new artistic trend that combines a painted canvas and a camera. When creating elements with a different axis and observing them through a single eye, camera and / or mobile device, the observer is able to perceive the picture in 3D; so playing with the camera, the cars are recreated and it seems that you can get into the picture, move through its streets, turn in the corners and enter the tunnels. It is a way to be part of the picture, to observe it from within and know its interior. Everything happens to have a new dimension that is only perceived through the camera.

Wences Rambla (Castellón)


His career as a plastic artist and researcher is articulated in the sphere of Art, both from a theoretical perspective and from his praxis. Doctor of Philosophy from the University of Valencia. Professor of Aesthetics and Tª de las Artes at the Jaume I University of Castellón (Spain).

Academic of the Royal Academy of BB.AA. of San Carlos de Valencia. Member of the Board of Trustees of the BBAA Museum of Valencia. Member of AVCA. Author of 20 books and numerous art and design articles .

He has exhibited in 141 venues - either individually, or collectively - in numerous Spanish cities (Valencia, Castellón, Sagunto, Córdoba, Seville, Madrid, Santander, Malaga, Salamanca, Barcelona, ​​Vilassar de Mar, Marbella, Vigo, El Ferrol, Alicante, Guadalajara, Alcoy, Villarreal, Lleida, Bilbao, Oviedo, Burgos, León.…) and abroad, in cities such as Frankfurt (Germany); Bradford (England); Bogota Colombia); Monterrey and Mexico DF; Paris France); Ghent (Belgium); Santo Domingo (Dominican R.); Santiago de Cuba (Cuba); Poços de Calda (Brazil); Burzaco (Argentina); Santiago de Chile (Chile); Neiva, Huila (Colombia); Imola and Città di Campobasso (Italy).  

His work has been exhibited in various art galleries, museums and institutions: MACVAC, Vila-famés; Museu d'Art Contemporàni de Ibiza (I. Balearic Islands); Cultural Institution of Cantabria, Santander; Cartwright Hall Art Galleries and Museums, Bradford (England); National-Royal-Academy Calcography of BB.AA. from San Fernando, Madrid; Modern Graphic Art Museum, Giza / Cairo (Egypt); Artistic funds of the Generalitat Valenciana; Balaguer-Gonell Foundation, Port Authority and BBAA Museum of Castellón; Museum "Salvador Allende" Santiago de Chile; C. E. C. of the Université Paris-Sorbonne Paris IV (France); BBAA Museum “Claudio León Sempere”, Burzaco (Argentina); Contemporary Art Documentation Center-University of Valencia; Contemporary Art Fund-Polytechnic University of Valencia; Museu de l´Ebre, Tortosa (Tarragona); Martínez-Guerricabeitia Foundation, Valencia; Visual Arts Unit of the Autonomous University of St. Domingo; Royal Academy of BB.AA of San Carlos; The "hill of oblivion", art center, Landete (Cuenca); Artemisia Art & Tendències, Les Franqueses del Vallés (Barcelona) ..


El Huila Shined with "Artists Paint the Land of Promise"


By Manuel Tiberio Bermúdez

One of the most important eve nts that takes place in the Department of Huila is the one convened by the Government of Huila in conjunction with the "Olegario Rivera" Departmental Public Library and the Museum of Contemporary Art of Huila and that this time, with a splendid group art exhibition, pays tribute to one of the most important Colombian writers: José Eustasio Rivera, who was a native of that department.


Esta noche, Tierra de promision exposicion en el MACH de Neiva

Fidela Losada, Melba Perdomo Mosquera, Guillermo Martín Moreno y Alex Rivera, participantes de la exposición colectiva internacional Los artistas pintan la "Tierra de promisión" presentada en el Museo de Arte Contemporáneo del Huila en Neiva - Colombia. 

Hay momentos que se vuelven trascendentales por lo especial de ellos. Eso fue lo que sucedió el 28 de octubre, en el Museo de Arte Contemporáneo del Huila, cuando 90 artistas, entre nacionales e internacionales, estuvieron participando del homenaje que se rindió al autor de la novela “La Vorágine”, José Eustasio Rivera, quien con ella obtuvo el reconocimiento internacional.

 CUBAN ART Cuban art  is an exceptionally diverse cultural blend of African, South American, European, and North American elements, reflecti...