Biography of the painter Guillermo Martín Moreno

Guillermo Martín Moreno during the opening of the "International mosaic of arts without borders for peace", Southcolombian University in the city of Neiva Huila

Guillermo Martín Moreno, whose pseudonym is “MEMO”, is a visual artist born in Gachetá, a town belonging to Cundinamarca, Colombia.
His artistical formation was developed in Neiva, a city from Huila where he is also located and has been for the last 15 years. During this time, he has been working on a vocational project focused in cultural promotion and artistical education. 

Artistical formation:
With respect to his higher education, he took part in the visual arts school from Universidad Surcolombiana in the 1988 – 1989 period. He graduated of Universidad Antonio Nariño (Neiva) as technician in informatic systems. Moreover, he also graduated in graphic design from Universidad CUN (Neiva). Aditionally, he achieved a formation as a forensic drawer while working at the Judicial Police Central Station in Bogotá.

He has been working as a teacher at Politécnico Global (Neiva) for about 14 years, in the fields of forensic morphology and facial drawing.

He has written three books: “Portraits and Images”, “Morphology, Art and Forensic Sciences” and “Art without borders to achieve Peace in Colombia”. He also performed as ilustrator of the poetry book called “A verse is the soul in expansion”, and painted a mural located in the countryside of Huila, specifically in El Dorado town.

His path as an artist:
Guillermo’s more than 25 years of artistic background makes of him a well-disciplined and passionate artist, who is constantly carrying out an evolutive process. He combines his tasks between teaching and artistical practice, the latter task based on his aristical workshop. Ever since he was little, he showed talent and conviction for plastic arts.
He owns a great sensitivity for the nature and a huge admiration of human shapes and the universe itself. He keeps a continuous interest in improving himself as an artist, through permanent learning and updating. The latter is achieved by reforcing his knowledge with workshops and seminars. Currently, he uses the different resources available on the internet, such as videos and social media.

A considerable amount of individual and shared artistic exhibitions belongs to him, among them, an international participation in Mexico in year 2012. He displays a trend for figurative art, so that in many of his workpieces becomes evident his admiration for the magic of the nature, the human, and the divine, with a conjugation of surrealism. He makes use of free and loose strokes that simultaneously offer sensitivity and tenderness. Shapes, volume, and textures are marked with great versatility, through the usage of brushes, pencils, spatula, pastels, airbrush, and other elements allowing the aplication of color.

Throughout his artistical background he has conducted seven solo artistic exhibitions, and more than 30 shared ones, which have taken place in Huila, Bogota, Cundinamarca and Tolima, and international participations in Sinaloa (Mexico), Santo Domingo (Dominican Republic), Cuba, Brasil and Spain. Besides that, he was selected two years in a row to appear in calendars of artists from Huila.

Nowadays he is president of Lukana Culural Fundation, a non-lucrative organisation conformed by visual artists of different nationalities, with the aim of developing activities of promotion, capacitation and organisation of cultural events.
He is part of the “Arte sin fronteras” organisation (Art without borders), where artistical events are performed in order to foster the development of rising artists, and especially to empower culture amongst childhood population of low-income, highlighting peace and social harmony.

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