Cata Muñoz: Her work is characterised by a simple but resounding language

Some people say that artistic ability and even sensitivity, the fact of "being an artist", is something that can be achieved by learning or studying.

It is true that these features can shape or rather complement artistic activity and that one should be grateful for the support and help of a teacher; however, one must be born with concern and sensitivity for art.

Proof of this, and a clear example, is the case of the Colombian artist Catalina Muñoz, who, despite her condition (Silver Russel syndrome), shows that her talent is natural and it originates from the desire that every artist has to reflect personal experiences and emotions in a particular way.

Her work is characterised by a simple but resounding language, as well as shades that attract the viewer. The world that she introduces to us constitutes a daily positive view with regards to the existential and the microcosm surrounding it.
The message conveyed by this artist to society is a true sign of praise.

Francisco Arroyo Ceballos
(From the International Association of Art Critics AICA)

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