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Ana K has every reason to be EVERYTHING for everyone. She is light and sensual at the same time. She has a charming voice, a unique style and charm that effortlessly reaches your senses. She started in music at the age of ten, in one of the parades produced by her mother Rita Kühnbach, and with a very musical family, Ana K had and is referenced by many music icons ranging from Tim Maia to Rihanna.

The muse's mother, Rita Kühnbach has always supported her in her career, Ana K says that her mother used to sing to her every day for three hours until she understood the song, the note, the breath ... she still says: “She always He believed and then planted an essential seed in my heart, which today gives me the strength not to give up ”.

Ana K is about to launch her first author project and has already said that her first EP will be released later this year. In recent days the muse released the single "Open Your Heart" in partnership with the DJ duo Selva and last Friday (07/24) released the single "Rosa Flor", in partnership with Ruxell and FRAN.

The single “Open Your Heart” has 5 amazing remixes, while “Rosa Flor” came with a flawless clip and both are available on all streaming platforms.

As a number 1 fan (the others who fight), I made a top 5 with my favorite versions of this perfect fairy, including a perfect Ana K + Tricoteen partnership.

Then release your little finger on the game and pass on this cute deity.

Well, we could put all the videos here, because Ana K's videos are fantastic, she's the queen of music, right mô? So watch her music videos and enjoy the talent of this beautiful and sensual Brazilian.

Click on the links below and check out this queen.

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/anak/


Ana K Youtube : https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCxw4XrE2lgM3vBwTyy41Bfw

"Apaga a Luz" Gloria Groove & “Needed Me” Rihanna - Ana K (Cover)

"Rise Up" Andra Day - Ana K (Cover)

"Home" Phillip Phillips - Ana K (Cover) Música e Cantora do Comercial da Coca Cola

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