Antonio Antolini plans a surprise for the people of NYC MANHATTAN in 2021

The Italian/braziliam writer and lawyer Antonio Antolini, author of the books “A Carta da Vitória do Espírito Santo” and “O Evangelho nada secreto de Antonio” - both still without English translation,  among others, plans to launch part of his literary work in the United States of America in 2021, if the pandemic is under control.

Some publishers here in USA are really interested in the writer's books, which will soon also launch podcast and videos to publicize his work.

“The contemporary world has almost abolished the pleasure of good reading, and for that reason podcast and videos are really necessary,” says Antonio Antolini.

Antonio Antolini writes about several topics in his books, but he always put God and Divine Love as the fundamental basis of his work.

Philosophy, theology, current and historical themes are part of the work of the writer Antonio Antolini, who promises big surprises for 2021 in NYC.

A surprise project is being negotiated in NYC Manhattan, but nothing can be disclosed yet.

In 2020 Antonio Antolini visited Italy, the Vatican, England, Greece, France and Austria, and returned with a lot of material for his books.

Antonio Antolini believes that some things will change in the world after the end of the pandemic COVID 19, but he is convinced that the essence of the human being will remain the same.

Roman Apostolic Catholic, Antonio Antolini is truly a man of God, and makes a point of making this clear in all his work.

Not even the curiosity of his readers makes the writer reveal his secret 2021 project to the United States of America, but it will certainly be something of great philosophical, theological and cultural value.

“Manhattan NYC, wait for me”, concludes Antonio Antolini.



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