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Sandra Balaguera is an architect and a self-taught painter, born in Neiva-Huila, Colombia.

By profession an architect, she began to explore the field of visual arts in 2018, focusing her work on landscaping, a topic that has characterized her so far, making this area her most recurrent form of expression through the use of different techniques such as canvas, paper and jute with the application of acrylic techniques in the first place.

The painter is developing her talent  and establishing her knowledge to create a style, with her own identity. 

Sandra Balaguera receiving recognition from César Rincón at the Universidad Surcolombiana - March 03, 2020.

Her work is determined by the use of textures, tones and hues, of halos and glazes that, through brushstrokes such as pointillism and the skillful handling of creases and shadows that highlight shapes, solids and spaces that result in the expression of three-dimensionality, of realism and the manifestation of light.

Regarding her passion for painting, the young artist confesses: “Through art I can express what I want and what I feel… What I am. Besides, painting relaxes me, inspires me and produces tranquility, peace and joy. "


Among her favorite and inspiring painters are the universal and great masters such as Vincent van Goth, Paul Gauguin, Pierre-Auguste Renoir, Leonardo da Vinci among others.


In addition to the landscape, the portrait and the still life, these are topics of her art and have been exhibited in national and international group shows.


It is from the work of her first Collection what allows her, through observation and making a critical auto-evaluation, that she will acquire a greater knowledge and experience that will strongly influence her artistic life afterwards. 

Sandra Balaguera, "Feeling Peace", Acrylic on canvas, 40 x40 cm, 2020

Featured exhibitions

2020 – Mosaic Presentation Armemos la Paz, Museum of Contemporary Art of Huila, Neiva - Colombia.

2020 - Armemos la Paz International Exposition, Universidad Surcolombiana city of Neiva - Colombia.

2020 - International Exhibition InTangibles de la Imagen 2020, Aires Room, Aires Cultural Association, city of Córdoba - Spain.

2019 - XI Suba International Art Biennial Exhibition 2019, UDCA University city of Bogotá - Colombia.

2019 - International Art Festival without Borders for Peace, Héctor Polanía cultural center, city of Pitalito - Huila.

2019 - Huila artists collective exhibition, Olegario Rivera departmental library, Cultural block and José Eustasio Rivera convention center, Neiva - Colombia. 

Work of Sandra Balaguera Marín, "They are not fuchsias but I like you", Acrylic on canvas, 40 x40 cm, 2020


2019 - Selected to the XI International Art Biennial of Suba, in the Young Artists category, Bogotá.

2020 - Special guest at the exhibition InTangibles de la imagen, international exhibition that took place in March 2020 in the Aires Room of the Aires de Córdoba Association in the city of the same name in Spain. 

2020 - Recognition granted by Extension of the Surcolombiana University and Art without Borders for Peace during the inauguration of the International mosaic “Armemos la Paz”, city of Neiva - Colombia

2020 - Invited to the exhibition and inauguration of La Casa Museo OMAI Ernesto Ríos, Mexico City.

An artist who takes her first steps in the wonderful and immersive universe of painting, learning and developing her love for art.


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