Announcing the Third Festival of Art without Borders for Peace

The Board of Directors of Art Without Borders for Peace invites you to participate in the Third International Festival of Art without Borders for Peace to open on October 14, 2020.

This year, due to the contingency of the pandemic, the festival will take place virtually and will be sponsored and held at Bauprés Cultural Center in Mazatlán, Sinaloa, México.

Allies for and endorsements of the Third Festival of Art without Borders for Peace include the following projects: Plastic Madness; What the Art of Mary Smells Like; New Planet Contact; Clean Garbage; Peace is the Way, Colombia; as well as important cultural entities such as the Bauprés Gallery Cultural Center; Liceo Workshop San Miguel; Thru Di's Eyes Photography; Intercultural Association London; Cultural Extension of the University of Southern Colombia; Sucrea International Meeting of Artists; DACO Multimedia Design and Photography; the World Organization of Integrated Artists: OMAI; Miniart International; OCBAL Cultural Organization; and the following foundations: Catalina Muñoz; Walter Arrubla; Lukana; Cultural Foundation for Artists around the World; and the Children of the Sea Foundation, among others.


To visual artists, groups, projects and cultural foundations that are interested in the subject of peace.


Proposals around the theme of peace.


Physical works will not be sent, only images in JPG format with a minimum resolution of 2000X2000 pixels or 5 megapixels. Individual artists, arts managers or cultural entities of any nationality may participate. Creators can participate with an original work. Cultural managers or artists who develop collective projects can participate with ten works; for example, the Children of the Sea Foundation will make a selection to show the ten-best works of their infants related to peace. 


Visual artists from all disciplines (painters, engravers, caricaturists, sculptors, photographers, etc.) may participate without distinction of nationality.

1.    A. Artists. Each creator may participate with one (1) single work on the theme of peace.
B. Projects, foundations and other cultural or artistic groups may present up to ten works related to the theme of peace.

2. Participation is free of charge.

3. Suggested measurements are 40 x 40 cm square.

4. Send the image of your work and the requested information BEFORE AUGUST 20, 2020 in high resolution (JPG) format. Images of all works must be completely clean—without wall backgrounds or distracting reflections, shadows, bright spots or frames, and with 90-degree angles in the four corners. The image must be titled with information in this order:

a.    NAME OF THE ARTIST (in capital letters)

b.    Technical sheet of the piece (title of the work, technique, size, year created)

c.    Country of origin (PO) and country of residence (PR) of the artist

Example: ANDRÉS LOBOGUERRERO, The Art of Peace, oil on canvas, 40X40 cm., 2020, PO Colombia- PR Colombia .JPG.

Note. A text authorization must be included in the email when you send the images. Sample text: “I, Andrés Loboguerrero, authorize the use of the image of my work, ‘The Art of Peace,’ for exhibition and promotional purposes.”

5. Send a very short CV no more than six lines long, cell phone number (include country code, area code and number) or website if you have it.

6. Send the information to this email address: c3s4rrincon@gmail.com

7. This exhibition will be managed by the artists and arts and culture managers, Dory Perdomo and César Rincón.

8. A digital book or catalog of the exhibition will be produced by Guillermo Martín Moreno, Colombian cultural manager and artist.

9. Each artist will obtain a certificate of participation. Works highlighted for their artistic quality will be recognized with "Honorable Mention" and "Recognition" for their trajectory and contribution to peace, the environment and strengthening the social fabric.

10. Promotional and marketing designs by Olaff Crown, Colombian-Venezuelan artist.

11. Curation will be performed by Miguel Darío Polanía Rodríguez, Colombian artist, art critic and writer.

The exhibition will be held virtually in various digital media and shared on the social networks of our strategic allies, with the possibility of physically holding it at the Palace of Fine Arts in Florencia Caquetá, Colombia as soon as circumstances allow. 


Send your images and information to César Rincón, c3s4rrincon@gmail.com or to the WhatsApp number + 57 3042068406.

 Translation by Dianne Hofner Saphiere

Information: c3s4rrincon@gmail.com 


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