Naïve art by Gabriel Nieto Nieto

Gabriel Nieto Nieto, recognition for his work and artistic career as a professional painter of primitive art landscapes. In the company of the Mexican Ernesto Ríos and the Colombian Mauricio Mayorga Zamora, plastic artists.

Gabriel Nieto Nieto Colombian landscape painter specialized in Naif art. He was born on April 6, 1960, in the city of Ibagué Tolima Colombia, currently he lives and works in Neiva Huila where he actively participates in cultural events and teaches painting.

A self-taught painter and tireless researcher of the plastic arts, he has excelled as one of the greatest exponents of primitivism and Colombian traditional landscaping.

Artistic work of Gabriel Nieto, Colombian painter.

Nieto looks at the customs landscape through his sensitivity as a Colombian citizen and enhances it with the tone of his own wit. The liveliness and naivety of naive art translate his scenes in motion, the special fire of light and the harmony of his compositions.

Gabriel Nieto's work has been exhibited collectively in Mexico, the United States, Spain, Perú, Brazil, Venezuela, among other countries.


Artistic work of Gabriel Nieto, Colombian painter.

Tribute: In 2017 during the "International Festival of Art without Borders for Peace in Colombia" at the Museum of Contemporary Art of Huila, MACH in Neiva Colombia.


Painter: Gabriel Nieto Nieto

File: Neiva Huila

Country Colombia

Telephone: Mobile Workshop (57) (8) 857 0337 Mobile (57) 310-308 3897


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