"The Renacer", art exhibition in Contemporary Art Museum of Huila, Colombia


A large painting exhibition will be held at the Huila Contemporary Art Museum in Colombia.

"The Renacer" exhibition is a collective painting by plastic artists from various countries such as Mexico, Venezuela, Cuba, Colombia, Holland and Argentina.

Alex Stevenson Diaz, Carlos Arango "Clos", Denis Núñez Rodríguez, Eivar Moya, Horacio Carrena, Jorge Torres Blanco, José Espinoza Moraila, Miriam Kruisheer, Raúl Torres Aguilar among others.

The international plastic artist Jorge Torres Blanco will participate with "New life", a splendid work painted in oil on canvas. Torres has been making a new series of paintings that coincidentally and like the exhibition he has called "The Renacer", dedicated to women and spiritual freedom, figurative works inspired after the divorce with Lissette Herrera, his partner for more than 18 years.

Work of the Colombian master Jorge Torres Blanco, a plastic artist based in Bogotá.

Work of the Mexican master Carlos Arango "Clos", plastic artist based in Oaxaca.

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