600 Art Works One Artistic Installation Arroyo Ceballos

Francisco Arroyo Ceballos, Spanish painter

600 Art Works, One Artistic Installation

The spanish artist Arroyo Ceballos is presenting a big project that will travel around some countries

The first exhibition will be in his city (Córdoba, Spain) and it will take place in the Ethnobotany Museum.

We hope that this project will be exhibited in Miami in 2022.

He is backed by more than 140 exhibitions in 21 countries, his work having been displayed in 30 museums and institutions of 11 nations, as well as several tributes and awards.

Paintings from Francisco Arroyo Ceballos

He last exhibited his work in our city at the Museum of the Americas in a collective exhibition, being the only Spanish artist chosen to do so.

[13:33, 2/2/2021] César Rincón: Since the early days of his career, Arroyo Ceballos has always borne in mind the importance of having a personal brand. He has always experimented and tried different materials with a singular and personal approach. 

First, he was fond of drawing and all of the variations of realism, but then he realized he was not on the right track, so he started to wander around the material universe. It is the innovator who must create his own line of work from forms and volumes, from different materials that give life to the concept that the artist itself wishes to show or identify in every piece.

He rejected being trained, being a proud self-taught artist. He even refused reading art or technique books in order to preserve his work unbiased. All the things mentioned …

[13:33, 2/2/2021] César Rincón: Both his pictorial and sculptural work are based on the compendium that is represented in the embodiment of his extraordinary mixed technique of oil painting in wood. Of course, everything focuses on the abstract, symbolic and even minimalist style that the artist prefers, even if he only approaches other works that belong to this style eventually.


Arroyo outlines:  

“The plenitude of space and the meaning of forms reach their peak in the mind of the creator. If we add the firm obsession with realising “the work”, which everybody dreams of and few can really reach, we could say at least that we face a work based in the concept and that gathers formal figurative-symbolic elements. These are the elements that along with a solid technique and the different tonalities that shape his work.  Its key is simplicity; the soft transmission of a whole inside pureness, which consists in some basic lines and the use of a singular mixed technique that provides the wished relief and texture. An essential inclination to everything that minimalism consists of, considering the widest sense and meaning of the word”.

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