The Cultural Organization Brazil - Latin America - OCBAL delivers awards


The Brazil-Latin America Cultural Organization—OCBAL

The Brazil-Latin America Cultural Organization—OCBAL—with headquarters in the city of San Paolo, has recognized in an integral manner the artistic and humanitarian work of visual artists of several nationalities.

Art without Borders for Peace is a strategic ally of OCBAL, and we have developed together international projects that promote culture, co-organizing art exhibitions and other activities. From this alliance nearly 100 names arose as candidates for this award and only 16 received the recognition.

In addition to a solid career and artistic quality, other elements that OCBAL examined for those receiving the award include dedication to work on behalf of peace and the environment, as well as being a leader or member of social assistance and humanitarian groups.


The artists receiving the distinction include:

Alexander Calderón Palacios, Andrea Beatriz García, Daniel Enrique Conde Mejía, Dianne Hofner Saphiere, Dory Perdomo, Efraín Miguel Arrieta Consuegra, Fidela Losada Flórez, Guillermo Martín Moreno, Isabel Cristina Rengifo Triana, Guillermo Martín Moreno, Javier Bedoya Jiménez, Juan José Arango Escobar, Leonid Enrique Baldovino Galvis, Luis Losada, Luz Stella Tisnés Ocampo, Margarita Rosa Gómez Vélez, María Claudia Marinsalta and Roberto Londoño Uribe.


“We feel very proud and happy to be able to honor these great artists here, in Brazil. The majority of them have been suggested by cultural promoter César Augusto Rincón González, a Colombian who is supporting artists during this difficult moment that the world is facing, and who still works tirelessly for peace,” said the President of OCBAL (Brazil-Latin America Cultural Organization), Antonio Marques.


According to Marques, OCBAL will continue to promote artists in the world press during the first weeks of September. Those who wish to join the organization can do so by sending their biography and images of their artistic works.


This is a timely recognition of artists and their work, by a brother but distant country that values and honors the great labor these artists have invested in benefit of communities that most need assistance: labors that develop primarily anonymously and generally without the support of local authorities. Our most sincere congratulations to the Brazil-Latin America Cultural Organization for stimulating and supporting these artists across the distance without regard to borders or the distance that COVID-19 has caused.


By César Augusto Rincón González

Director of Art without Borders for Peace



Contact the Brazil-Latin American Cultural Organization to submit your artistic, social or cultural work. Email: antoniomarques@ocbal.com.br or WhatsApp: 55 43 98428 2741.

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